What 2014 Brides and Grooms are Looking for in Photography Services

According to a poll conducted by TheKnot.com, brides placed the photographer at the number three spot on their list of most important elements of their wedding. Number one on the list was the groom and number two was the dress. Today’s brides and grooms value a great photographer more than they did a decade or two ago. In 2014, couples are looking for photographers that offer a variety of services, which include unique pictures, photo booths, keepsake options (like a self adhesive photo album), and quick turnaround time.


  • Unique Photographs – Many brides and grooms love the candid, documentary-style approach that photographers have taken in recent years for its truly distinct and artistic view of their wedding. More and more couples are bypassing the traditional posed picture sessions and giving photographers free reign to capture whatever inspires them. This type of photography quietly records genuine moments as they occur for the bride, groom, and their guests. Couples enjoy looking through their pictures and having them tell the story of their wedding day rather than seeing a series of forced, posed moments.
  • Photo Booths – Many photographers are starting to offer photo booth rentals as an additional service. Couples love to incorporate this into their wedding day because it adds a fun element to the reception. Further, the couple can cherish photos that their friends and family took while celebrating.
  • Photo Presentation Options – Traditionally, couples only had one option for displaying their wedding photographs — the oversized “coffee table” style book that took several months to receive. Nowadays, photographers can offer a variety of keepsake options, both large and small. A self adhesive photo album is a great choice for brides and grooms because the photographer can put together a beautiful collection quickly. These albums are available in sizes as small as a wallet and as large as 11×14. 
  • Quick Turnaround Time – Couples in 2014 are used to instant gratification and are looking for the same thing with their wedding photographer. Since we live in a time when social media documents and shares moments as they happen, couples may have somewhat unrealistic expectations about their wedding pictures. To keep brides and grooms content, many photographers are committing to faster turnaround times. 


The Power of a Flush Mount Album for a Wedding


Everyone knows the old adage, “a photo is worth a thousand words.”  Well, what could a book of photographs possibly be worth? Could it be a million, billion, or even a trillion words? During a special occasion, photographs mean everything. You can always refer back to the photographs to bring back a special memory, especially if it is for a wedding.

When it comes to their wedding day, one question that couples might come up with is whether or not they want to take advantage of a flush mount album. There are a number of reasons why a flush mount album is an excellent choice for capturing the scenes of their wedding day.

One reason why you should choose a flush mount album is if you enjoy high quality. Flush mount albums are different from traditional matted albums. In a flush mount album, photographs run edge to edge of the borders. This allows more room for the images which enhances your overall viewing experience.

A flush mount album can not only prove to be a wonderful way to remember their wedding day, but it can also serve as an important family heirloom. Years after their special day, they can share the joy with a flush mount album with their entire family. 

Flush mount albums can be made out of a number of different materials. They come in a number of shapes and sizes. A Kingston Flush Mount album can be bound book style to open like a book or calendar style to open like a calendar.

All memories are important, which is why capturing the moments of the wedding day with a high quality photo album is an excellent choice. Choosing a flush mount album for a wedding, or any other special occasion is a spectacular idea; you can provide them with something that is not only sentimental, but high in quality as well. There is no doubt that they will cherish a flush mount album for years.


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