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Design Templates

Our standard design templates are available for your use at no charge.  They are in .psd format so you can create your own album in Photoshop.  Please keep in mind that they are basic layouts and you can move and edit them once you have them downloaded.

The following instructions help you  use the templates in Photoshop.

First, open the design templates.

Once opened, you’ll see the layers on the right hand side (dependent on how you have your screen setup).  If it’s not open then click on “Window” in the menu bar and then select “Layers”.  Place the Layers window where you can view it.  You’ll see the layers are numbered.

To ensure you keep the template a template, do a “Save As” and rename it for the album you are working on.  This will make it so you don’t have to keep deleting layers and undoing what you created on a page. 

Insert an image into the open template. 

Put the image layer above the numbered layer you want the image to be in.  At this stage the image will be covering the “black box” on the design template.  Once the image is above the appropriate numbered layer, you will want to create a clipping mask.  To do this on a PC, right click on the layer you inserted and select “Create Clipping Mask”. To do this on a Mac, click on “Layer” on the menu bar and select “Create Clipping Mask”.  This will link the image you inserted to the numbered layer.  You will notice that the image will only show up in the “black box” area on the template.   You can now resize/reposition the image to fit into the “black box” area.  Repeat to fill up the rest of the “black boxes” or delete the layer you don’t want to use.  You can also add in a background image as well, just make sure the image layer is above the background layer in your layers box. 

Once you are satisfied with your design, save and start creating a new one!

Please note that these are designed with the assumption that you have knowledge of how Photoshop works.  If you have any questions please contact us and we can help you out, whether it is for flush mount albums or any type of album you prefer.