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Q: Do you offer Bind Only services?

A: Yes, our bind only service is available with our Kingston Flush Mount Album. You can either send your own prints to Albums Unlimited or have your lab drop ship your prints directly to us. 


Q: Can you use inkjet prints for the Kingston Flush Mount Album?

A: Yes, we can use inkjet prints.  But inkjet prints will require in house liquid lamination.  Please be aware that reprints may be needed and can extend turnaround time for the production of the album.   We also recommend that you send us a test print first to verify that the ink jet paper you are using will accept our lamination.


Q: What are the turn-around times for your albums?

A: Please refer to our turn-around times and our holiday schedule for any ordering deadlines.  For an extra fee a RUSH can be placed on the Kingston Album which will upgrade the turn-around time to 5-7 business days.  Please note all of our albums go through a QC process which could extend completion time if corrections are needed.  In transit time not included.


Q: Who do you use for shipping your product?

A: UPS is our preferred carrier. Shipment costs are determined by weight, destination and insurance.  Ground freight is standard and upgraded freight is available at your request.   You may also use your own shipping account with your own carrier if you wish.  Customers are responsible for their own freight costs.


Q: Do you have a warranty on your albums?

A: Yes, if something goes wrong with any of our products please let us know so that we may assess the situation and determine if it is a manufacturing defect or not.  All products we sell come with a customer satisfaction guarantee.   We stand behind any product we sell.

Kingston Album has a Lifetime Warranty against manufacture defect.

Duchess Album has a 1 year limited warranty against manufacture defect. 

Majestic Album has a Lifetime Warranty against manufacture defect.

Tiara Album has a 1 year limited warranty against manufacture defect.

Flora Album has a Lifetime Warranty against manufacture defect.

Elite Album has a Lifetime Warranty against manufacture defect.

Manufacture defect does not include normal wear and tear.  Normal wear and tear does include any damage that may occur in the center of the page such as but not limited to magenta hues. Notify Albums Unlimited of any defect immediately for prompt assessment.


Q: What are the sizes and capacities you can have on your Kingston Flush Mount Album?

A: The Kingston album can be made in any size, ranging from 2x3 to 16x20, in either a vertical or horizontal format with the largest square size of 16 X 16.  Under our warranty the page capacity is from 12 sides to 60 sides.  You can extend beyond the 60 sides but it will void the warranty on the album.  The most we can do is 80 sides.  


Q: Do you offer Studio Samples?

A: Yes, we offer studio samples on most of our products.  On the Kingston Flush Mount album we offer a 50% discount on the base/bind price excluding upgraded cover options.   If you choose to use our Kingston lab print services, we offer a 50% discount on the prints as well.  Majestic Album and Tiara Album samples are offered at a 25% discount. Duchess Album sample discount is 25%.  Flora Album samples are 50% discount and Elite Album samples 25% discount.  There is no sample discount on inserts and mats.  For all other albums or products please contact us for sample pricing.

Q: Can you drop ship an album to an end client?

A: Yes, we can drop ship your album directly to your client.  There is no extra charge to do so, only the charge of the freight cost.  The invoice will be emailed to you and will not be included with the package.


Q: Do you offer a box with your albums?

A: Our albums will come with a box, except wallet books that come in a plastic sleeve.  Most will be in a basic box .  All are definitely presentable to your client.  The Kingston Flush Mount Album comes with its own black gift box up to size 12 X 18, larger sizes come in a black nylon woven bag.  The Duchess Album comes with a matching gift box.  Both are free of charge.  Album bags and Kingston gift boxes are available to purchase separately for albums that you may have from other sources that do not come with a box.


Q: What does number of sides mean?

A: A page in a book has 2 sides, a front and a back.  If an album has 15 pages then it has 30 sides.  A panorama spread equals 2 sides.