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Custom View

Our Custom View Folios allow you to create a unique presentation for each of your clients.  Choose your outside cover dimensions and then select from a variety of mats to facilitate customization.

Simulated leather; covers and mats sold separately; covers sold individually; mats sold in packs of 6

Sizes:  80-2, 80-3, 80-2 w/extenders, 57-2, 57-3, 45-2, 45-3, W-2, W-3, W-4, W-8

Cover Colors:  Black

Mat Colors: Black/Black, Black/Silver, Black/Gold

Custom imprinting:  available

Custom View Mats for use in Custom View Folios

Peel off back; mats are secured by permanent, pressure sensitive adhesive.  Bonding is not immediate so mats can be repositioned during assembly.

Custom View Mats


Flora folios accommodate a full range of photo sizes and are offered in two and three-sided styles; Leatherette; folios and mats sold separately; mats load from the fold

Sizes: 10x10-2, 10x10-3

Folios Colors: Medallion (Black/Black), Pearl (Ivory/Gold)

Mat Colors: Medallion (Black/Black), Pearl (Ivory/Gold), Silverado (Black/Silver), Midnight (Black/Gold)

Custom imprinting:  available

Flora Mats for use in Flora Folios, Flora Albums and Elite Albums

Durable mat; loads from the fold

Superior Mount

Bonded leather cover; pressure sensitive adhesive holds prints in place; individually boxed

Sizes: 8x8-2, 8x8-3, 10x10-2, 10x10-3

Custom imprinting:  available

Photo Gallery

Simulated leather: mats not required

Sizes: 4 x 5, 4 x 6, 5 x 5