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Turn-around Times

In transit time is in addition to the times noted below.

Turn-around Times        
Flush Mount Albums        
Kingston 10 Days        
Kingston Rush  5-7 Days        
Kingston Metal Cover Options 15 Days        
Duchess 5-7 Days        
Majestic 5-7 Days        
Tiara 3-5 Days        
Traditional Albums        
Flora* 1-2 Days        
Elite* 1-2 Days        
Parade* 1-2 Days        
Princess* 1-2 Days        
Self Mount Albums        
Superior Mount* 1-2 Days        
Encore* 1-2 Days        
Wallet Books* 1-2 Days        
Proof Books        
Professional Proof Albums (3 ring)* 1-2 Days        
Comb Binding Proof Albums* 1-2 Days        
Digital Proof Album* 1-2 Days        
Euro* 1-2 Days        
Metro* 1-2 Days        
Designer* 1-2 Days        
CD Cases        
CD Album* 1-2 Days        
Custom View CD Album* 1-2 Days        
Overlap CD/DVD* 1-2 Days        
Sonoma CD/DVD* 1-2 Days        
Premira CD/DVD* 1-2 Days        
* subject to inventory on hand          
Please see Holiday Schedule for any special deadlines